How Scientology can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

This is from what I try to remember of my own scientology-produced worldview all through my decades in scientology and the sea org. It must do with suicide And exactly how a scientologist can come to look at it.

“But I believe that her only assist technique currently being Scientologists — her dad and mom were being endeavoring to make her take care of her alcoholism by taking natural vitamins and reading through L.

three) Deceitful, untrustworthy, dishonest: Fostered by educating that each action needs to be judged by “the best superior for the greatest variety of dynamics.” Immediately encouraged by telling learners of $cientology that it is ethical to trick, deceive, sue or damage perceived enemies of the “Church.

Waking up to that real truth is, I’m guaranteed, entirely devastating, however the faster a person realizes that, as an alternative to leading to their eternal salvation and supreme spiritual independence, Elron’s Way brings about its actual reverse, the better for all anxious.

AFAIK, it’s rather safe with two-move verification. Which I've on all my Google and Yahoo accounts. I say “comparatively”, since I don’t think There exists such a thing as “absolutely secure”.

Studies in psychology have demonstrated which the personalities of cult members are inclined to converge in direction of just one unique style, that of your cult leader (that’s referred to as “cloning”).

PS – Re: FredEx’s present of a mom-determine and bonus Grandma… she’s Wonderful and it’s with the “bonus Mother’s” I’ve been blessed to have in my existence that a lot of healing took place!

In case you don’t understand Then you definately have an M/U. Glimpse it up. Then restudy the elements. Any counter intention and you'll be despatched to ethics. Be informative post ready to purchase sec-checks.

Still a 3rd “handler” came out to index deal with us: that’s 3 PR people today sent out just to prevent two lonely picketers from seeing what we weren't “meant” to discover.

Sounds like a smart idea to me! You may also attend among the open up city council meetings and voice your concerns Reside As well as in particular person.

I had been Pretty much to that point so over and over. And but for that grace of huge Pharma, I’d be likely there nevertheless.

June will probably wake up at some point to find what so many other $cilons in advance of her have, that is that while she’s been prepared to sacrifice all for $cn, the cult will sacrifice almost nothing for her. Worse still, the cult will blame her for “not rendering it go right” when she’s out of money to pay for for more services or so outdated, Web Site exhausted and Ill that she’s of no use to them any more.

There’s something pretty perverse and, it would appear, deliberately humiliating about inserting Children and very young adults in positions of genuine electricity throughout the Sea Orgy command hierarchy. Elron started the follow and lil davey the terrible seems to acquire carried it on. Most likely it’s In particular vital for finish brain Handle to become a hundred% standardly powerful to indoctrinate Youngsters at this kind of young age, equally as lil davey was himself.

Ooo. You might also Verify “Group engaged in deceptive or poor fundraising methods.” And Administrators/officers/persons are applying money/property for personal obtain (explain to us about that very last excursion to Vegas, how could it be you do have a Ducati and are in a mansion, and why Scotch is really a line item on your annual budget again?)

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